The conservation and use of biodiversity ranks high on the international agenda. Also the Life Science industry recognizes landraces and wild relatives of (crop) plants as ‘the green gold’ and a source of genetic information. For many farmers in developing countries biodiversity within species is a precondition of  sustainable agriculture.
• What is the role of biodiversity in agricultural production?
• How can biodiversity contribute to nature protection and agricultural production?
• How can (small) farmers benefit from the  maintenance of biodiversity?
• What market potential does biodiversity inhibit?
• What does agrobiodiversity add to the quality of agriculture?

• Oxfam/Novib & Hivos, The Hague
• World Wildlife Fund for Nature, The Netherlands, Zeist
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague
• Danish Centre for Development Research, Copenhagen
• Wageningen University en Research Centre (WUR)
• Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands

Project examples
• Study for the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (Rome): Scientists, Plants and Politics: a history of the plant genetic resources movement (Pdf for upload).
• Dissertation for the Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO): The Exploitation of Plant Genetic Information: political strategies in crop development
• Design, moderation and facilitation of an international web-discussion and reportings titled 'Options for Farmers’ Rights'. Both for the Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands and in preparation for the yearly FAO Governing Body meeting in Tunis, June 2009.
• Study for Oxfam Novib on biodiversity and quality systems.