Access to clean potable water is of great strategic importance to both health and agriculture. Clean water and safe sanitation are crucial for the chance of survival of the poor, as well as a prime vehicle for social and economic growth. Robin Pistorious deals with questions such as:

 Aqua for All 
 The Network University, Amsterdam
 Water Advisory and Training Centre WATC/RIZA, The Hague

Project example
Since 2005 Robin Pistorius advises Aqua for All, a rapidly growing not for profit organisation which helps counterparts in developing countries with finance and expertise in the field of water and sanitation. His advice embraces organizational-, quality- and strategy related issues. For Aqua for All he developed  an online water expertise system, and coordinated the design and implementation of ISO 9001/2008.

For the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Robin Pistorius wrote an inventory and analysis of the existing agreements (so-called Water Operator Partnerships) between Dutch water distribution firms and counterparts in developing countries. The results can be red here.